Straight Laced

Young designer Sara Aljaism has come quite a way since her recent graduation and the talented couture designer shows no signs of slowing down. The sophisticated and elegant début collection, DEVIANTE is a testament to Sara’s vision of femininity and grace and hard work so far.

Sara talks to FF about and her design process, her loves affair with lace and her admiration of Valentino and Toni Maticevski!

What led you to the launch of your label? 

I always knew I wanted to start a label, even before I started studying fashion. But it wasn’t until my graduate runway show when I saw my work come down the runway that it confirmed it for me. So after some work experience, I was ready to give it a try.


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Were you always drawn to evening wear and couture?

I always loved and appreciated evening wear and couture, and when I was studying, I kept going back and forth with what kind of designer I wanted to be. In my last year I had a taste of couture, and I never turned back.

Your designs feature many beautiful delicate fabrics, do you have a favourite to work with?

This is an easy one – lace! Its such a beautiful fabric to work with, I never get sick of it. You can do so much with it too! I tend to always like to cut out lace and use it as appliqué, sometimes even experimenting with different colours as a contrast.

Where does your inspiration come from when you are designing a collection?

Inspiration could come from anywhere. I don’t have a rule on how I like to get inspiration for my pieces. However I do get a lot of my inspiration when I travel. It’s so easy to get inspired when you experience different cities, cultures, architecture. Maybe that should be my inspiration rule.


What kind of woman do you have in mind when your designing?

That strong, confident girl who knows what she wants and appreciates the finer details, and prefers timeless elegance to fashion trends!

Who in the fashion industry do you admire?

International would have to be Valentino. Always has been, and always will be my favourite. In Australia, it would have to be Toni Maticevski. You can pick out a girl wearing one of his designs a mile away because of his signature, he is a brilliant designer.

Who would you love to dress in Sara Aljaism?

I don’t really think of dressing celebrities as much as most would think! But watching TV and movies randomly I thought it would be really cool to dress Giuliana Rancic because I’ve always loved her style, and maybe even Jennifer Lawrence because well..its Jennifer Lawrence, she’s brilliant.

Where do you hope to be five years from now?

An established Australian label with both couture and ready to wear lines. Also making a mark internationally is a very important goal.

Describe your perfect day:

A whole day spent with family is always perfect. It doesn’t have to be outside the whole time, even chilling and talking with loved ones at home with a coffee is always my favourite thing to do.
What are five things you can’t live without? My parents, loved ones, my dog, my bed, my mums cooking.

Finish this sentence. Style is…timeless

Sara’s beautiful gowns and evening wear pieces will be featured at the Genesis event in November. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of Australia’s most promising young designers and buy tickets today!